Willow Springs Police

August 26
Pu Santay Pedro, Arkansas City, Ks., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Alix Kay Brown, Willow Springs, failure to register a motor vehicle. 
Madison Marie Sizemore, Willow Springs, failure to register a motor vehicle, failure to maintain financial responsibility. 
August 27
Jerry Taylor Premer, Drury, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Dennis Holden, Lake City, Ar., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
August 28
Cecil Ray Clinton, West Plains, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Dennis Wayne Clinton, Drury, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
August 31
Lucas Tyrel Taber, Mountain View, failure to register a motor vehicle. 
Calls for Service
August 26
A caller reported a male subject looking through a window on Belshe. 
A caller reported a fraud, stating that her daughter had closed her bank account. 
Traffic was obstructed by an accident near 181.
A caller reported a lost iPad, either at Booster Field or Love’s. 
A resident came to the police department to report a lost or stolen wallet. 
A theft was reported at American Diesel Mechanics on Frisco. 
A male subject reported that he was being refused visitation with his daughters. 
August 27
A male subject was trespassed form a property on 4th Street after reportedly throwing things at the reporting party’s garage. 
August 28
A caller reported a loose dog on Corn Avenue. 
A suspicious vehicle was reported near the cemetery. A male subject was instructed to leave the property and go home. 
Assistance was given to a stranded motorist on U.S. Highway 60/63.
A truck driver reportedly locked his keys inside his truck at Love’s.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that a vehicle had fled from a traffic stop, gone to Willow Winds trailer park, and that the driver had gone inside a trailer. The driver eventually exited the trailer, and the vehicle was towed from the scene. 
A caller reported that he suspected his sister was being abused by her husband.
August 29
A caller reported a missing kitten near High Street and Corn Avenue. 
A suicidal male subject was reported at Willow Winds trailer park on State Route 76. 
A well-being check was made for a female subject at Willow Springs Apartments on State Route 76. The woman had COVID and had been having difficulty. 
A two-vehicle accident was reported near Booster Field. 
August 30
A well-being check was requested for two juvenile females. Contact was made, and everything was fine. 
A caller requested to be accompanied to a residence to obtain their belongings. 
August 31
An abandoned vehicle was reported near Lee’s Tire on State Route 76. 
A wandering juvenile was reported near Harris Street. 
A burglary was reported at First General Baptist Church on Railroad Drive. Property damage was also reported at the scene. 
A juvenile subject in foster care was reportedly acting out. The juvenile wanted to contact his case worker. 
A domestic disturbance was reported at a home on North Center Street. 
A woman reported that her daughter took all of her things when she went into the hospital. 
Assistance was provided at the playground near the city pool, where a three-year-old was stuck at the top of the slide. The child was returned to the ground. 
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