Quarry Permit Approved

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has approved a permit for a controversial limestone and sandstone quarry to be located on Highway 17 outside Mountain View. Following a public information meeting on August 16, the DNR contacted stakeholders regarding their decision to move ahead with the permit by letter, enclosing a document that outlined 46 concerns raised at the information meeting with either the agency’s or the quarry owner’s responses. 
The bulk of the concerns raised at the meeting were outside the scope of the DNR to address, the letter said. 
“The director does not have the jurisdiction to address public concerns commonly raised during the review of an application for industrial mining activity. These concerns often involve end date of mining operations, road repairs, private water wells, blasting, and property values,” reads the letter signed by Larry Lehman. 
The letter goes on to state that Lehman considered the public comments, but approved the permit on September 27. 
As previously reported by Howell County News, KTF Quarries, LLC applied for a surface mining permit for a 103-acre tract of land on the Eleven Point River on June 25. Public notice was duly published, and during the period of time allowed for public comment, sixteen people wrote to the DNR requesting the public meeting. The informal public meeting was not a hearing and was only an opportunity for the public to influence the DNR’s decision. 
This decision can be appealed to the Administrative Hearing Commission. Anyone who is adversely affected by this decision is entitled to appeal by filing a petition within 30 days of the date of the director’s decision. Information about the Administrative Hearing Commission can be found on their website at https://ahc.mo.gov/.
Missouri House of Representatives legislator Bennie Cook (R-142) also invites any concerned citizens to contact his office at 573-751-1490.
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