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Sandi McKnight, West Plains Area Farmers Market (WPAFM) board of directors’ secretary, and a vendor of WPAFM since 2018, has been making specialty soaps made with goat’s milk since April 2018. Sandi, a resident of West Plains, is known around town for Sandi’s Soaps, natural soaps made with goat’s milk.

“We are pleased to continue having homemade soaps made with goat’s milk available for our guests at every market,” said Paul Chateauvert, president of WPAFM’s board of directors. “Sandi does a fantastic job creating these wonderfully fragrant and extremely healthy soaps. They have become a favorite for many of our regular customers, and our new visitors as well.”

Soaps made with goat’s milk are unique, beneficial and healthy. Goat’s milk contains over 50 nutrients, and is rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B6, B12, D, E, and high in minerals including zinc, copper, iron, and selenium. Selenium is known to assist in preventing cancer and helps to prevent sun damage to the skin. Additionally, goat’s milk nutrients nourish dehydrated skin, slow down the effects of aging, and help to maintain skin’s elasticity.

Goat’s milk contains a fatty acid which lowers the pH balance of the soap, making it almost identical to the human body. Our skin absorbs most of the nutrients from the soap and prevents the attack of germs. The alpha hydroxyl acids contained in goat’s milk remove dead skin cells and encourage growth of new cells. Goat’s milk soap also helps to repair damaged skin due to the vitamin A content. The cream found in goat’s milk helps to nourish dry skin, will not dry skin and will keep skin healthy. Daily use of goat’s milk soap will help to maintain moisture balance in the skin and promotes smoother, softer skin.

Sandi creates soaps made with goat’s milk in a variety of scents for kids, men and women – perfect for everyday use, special occasions and Valentine’s Day! Sandi’s most popular winter scented soaps are Cinnamon Bun and Pumpkin Pie Spice. Summer scented soap favorites are Key Lime and Melon Splash. Year-round popular fragrances are Lavender Eucalyptus and Oatmeal Milk Honey. Sandi also makes a fragrance-free soap.

All soaps are thoughtfully packaged by Sandi in hand-selected fabric and tied with raffia.

To purchase Sandi’s scented soaps made with goat’s milk, or to special order her soaps, visit her at West Plains Area Farmers Market any Sat. between 9 AM to 1 PM at 1380 Bill Virdon Blvd, East Towne Village in West Plains. The market is less than one-mile east of the Civic Center, across the street from Dollar General and next to Wages Brewing Company and Taproom.

Sandi may also be reached by calling WPAFM at 417-259-4325, by e-mail wpafarmersmarket@gmail.com or on Facebook at WestPlainsAreaFarmersMarket.


Founded in 1982, the West Plains Area Farmers Market is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is the longest-running and most established farmers market in the area. Located in East Towne Village, West Plains, the market serves customers year-round in both indoor and outdoor facilities.

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