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Baby Matthias James Rogers, born on February 3, 2019 to Cody and Brittany Rogers of Licking, proudly wears his red knit hat, handmade by Nancy Ferree of Elk Creek.

Linda Bassett, a registered nurse in the obstetrics department and a 29-year employee of Texas County Memorial Hospital, has a special place in her heart for babies born with a congenital heart disease.

Elich Harris, Bassett’s grandson, was born at TCMH on February 19, 2015 with a congenital heart defect and had to undergo heart surgery at just four days old.

After Harris was born, a longtime family friend and god mother to Harris, decided to jump into action.  Nancy Ferree of Elk Creek, began providing handmade red knit hats for all of the babies born during the month of February at TCMH. 

The red hats are in recognition of newborn cardiac awareness and Harris.  2019 marks the fourth year that Ferree has been providing the red hats to the newborns at TCMH.

TCMH utilizes non-invasive screening to recognize heart defects in newborns for early recognition and intervention so that babies like Harris, can be diagnosed early to receive the special care that they need.

On Sunday, February 3, 2019, a new baby boy arrived at TCMH and was warmly welcomed by one of the handmade red knit hats made by Ferree. 

Matthias James Rogers was born to Cody and Brittany Rogers of Licking, and he joins his older sister, 19-month old Alaya in the Rogers home.

Cody is a registered nurse in the emergency department at TCMH and the recipient of the 2018 employee of the year award at the hospital. 

“We continue to be very thankful for the support our community brings to the hospital.  The handmade hats for the babies born in February provide special memories for a lot of families, just like they have for the Rogers family,” Wes Murray, TCMH chief executive officer said. 

Murray explained that while some circumstances that families have to go through cannot always be avoided, he is hopeful that by spreading awareness and education about congenital heart disease, the road for other families down the road might become a little less bumpy.

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