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One Pursuit, Two Crashes

Subjects in Custody after Fleeing from MVPD
Two male subjects led Mountain View Police on a chase before crashing once on Harlow Rd. and then later in Shannon County.
Around 7:35 a.m. Friday morning, Mountain View Police Department was dispatched to 907 North Ash for multiple reports of a male subject attempting to break into an occupied apartment. The subject was reported to have fled in a white Kia passenger car.
Assistant Chief Stetson Schwien responded and located the suspect vehicle on CR 3670 and Highway Y, a location in city limits. The vehicle matching the description of the call was idling next to another passenger car.
When Asst. Chief Schwien attempted to make contact, both vehicles fled north on Highway Y. Due to the nature of the call, Asst. Chief Schwien initiated a pursuit. The two vehicles continued to flee together, with the white Kia in the lead.
The lead vehicle wrecked on Harlow Rd., about ten minutes into the chase. The driver exited the flipped vehicle, and ignoring orders from law enforcement, got into the other vehicle and the subjects continued to flee. 
Law enforcement gave chase for approximately ten more minutes as the vehicle traveled both sides of Highway Y and eventually out Highway W and Highway WW on North 17. The suspect driver ran off the road on Highway WW in Shannon County, and the two male subjects fled on foot.
Texas County Deputies apprehended both subjects a short time later not far from the crash site.  The second vehicle in the pursuit was found to have been stolen from a location in Texas County.
Both subjects are currently incarcerated awaiting charges.
In a statement, MVPD expressed thanks to the Sheriffs’ Departments of Texas, Howell, and Shannon Counties, Highway Patrol, and Summersville Police Department for their rapid assistance in this pursuit.
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