Improvements at the Willow Springs Public Library

After months of doors closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Willow Springs Public Library opened its doors to patrons on June 23. Visitors to the library will notice the significant improvements and projects that kept the library staff busy during the shutdown. 
Workers from the City of Willow Springs cut down the overgrown evergreen bushes lining the front of the library last week. The exterior remains bare for now, but Library Director Kimberly Shannon said a redesign of the landscaping has been in the works for more than a year. The landscaping will be replaced with plants that will be easy to maintain that will not impede sight lines. 
Inside the building, all the walls are sporting a new coat of paint. All the carpets have been deeply shampooed, and floor trim has been glued down. The east wall features displays honoring the late Christine Steele and Sally Ballard. 
The collection has also benefited from the improvements. The media section has been reorganized, and many titles have been re-catalogued to be more conveniently located by patrons. 
The book sale section has changed places with the children’s section, and there is a new meeting space/conference room table on the north side of the building. 
In the rearranging and correcting the catalogue and physical space, the staff identified a tremendous amount of surplus office supplies and equipment. After seeking the approval of the Board of Directors, these items are now for sale in the front lobby of the library. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the library.

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