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Family Dollar to close

Liquidation in progress
The Willow Springs location of Family Dollar/Dollar Tree is on the chopping block. Last week, national news sources broke the announcement that hundreds of Family Dollar locations coast to coast will close in response to weak sales performances in 2023. The Willow Springs location is among the unfortunate underperforming stores. 
Cashiers are freely sharing the news with all customers who come through the checkout and offering a corporate number to call to voice any concerns or opposition to the decision. That number is 1-866-377-6420. The store number in Willow Springs is 12653.
A wave of calls in support of the store may not save it, a source who requested to remain anonymous confirms. Customers who are serious about saving the store should shop there, voicing their support with their dollars. 
Liquidation sales began on Monday with the entire store’s stock fifty percent off. The liquidation sales will continue at discount rates of 75 to 90 percent until the store eventually closes. 
Unless the corporate decision is reversed, the location is in its final weeks. 
The building will remain if the Family Dollar closes. This location opened in September 2021 after Guffey Development successfully sought Community Improvement District (CID) and Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) designation. The developer renovated a “blighted” area in Willow Springs – the location of a condemned motel -- with the blessing of the City of Willow Springs, as previously reported by Howell County News. 
Guffey Development has retained ownership of the building but had leased and built it to suit the Family Dollar/Dollar Tree model. 
Neither the city nor the developer was available for comment before press time.
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