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Heartleaf philodendron. (Courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden)

Begonia plant. (Photo by Mininain via Wikimedia Commons. Shared under a Creative Commons license – CC-BY-SA-2).

While roses steal the show on Valentine’s Day, many plants produce heart-shaped leaves that can be a part of a bouquet or gift.

One of the best-known and easiest to grow or buy is the heartleaf philodendron, said University of Missouri Extension horticulturist David Trinklein.

“This vining plant produces shiny green leaves with perfect heart shapes,” Trinklein said.

Cyclamen can produce red or white flowers along with heart-shaped leaves, he said. Leaves of this cool-loving plant are bluish-green with markings of silver or gray.

A more unusual plant with heart-shaped leaves is string of hearts or rosary vine. Its succulent leaves grow on threadlike purplish stems.

When grown at home, it requires good light and makes an excellent hanging plant next to a bright window.

Perhaps the most attractive vining plant with heart-shaped leaves is the rex begonia vine, Trinklein said. This plant produces intricately colored leaves that combine shades of moss green, silver and reddish purple.

Ask your florist if any of these plants with heart-shaped leaves are available, he said.

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