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The Karate Kid

Your first thought took you to the movie, didn't it?  While that was a great movie, West Plains has an equally great program for all ages, and I found one young man who has changed his life forever because of karate. Timothy Mill, a local freshman has been involved with Family Karate in West Plains for the last nine years, reaching the midpoint in belts. He is currently a high blue belt and credits this sport for turning his life around.  Adopted at the age of 5 to Michael and Lacy Mill of West Plains, Timothy started school with no respect for authority, schoolwork or classmates. He was a weekly visitor to the principal's office, picked fights and had an overall bad attitude. But, since joining Family Karate, he reports he has not been in the principal's office once! 
"It has been life changing to say the least. He is respectful to everyone, has learned self-discipline, and is a happy kid," said his Mother, Lacy, who added that boys especially need an outlet for emotions they don't understand yet.
Timothy has worked hard to be the proud owner of ten trophies and one medal and recently took first place at the last meet.
Randy Culpepper, owner of Family Karate, confirms Timothy’s transformation from a troubled little boy to an awesome young man. He's witnessed this many times and continues to do so. It's the main reason he works two jobs to keep the doors open, which has been hard since Covid. 
Family Karate is a charter school from Okinawa, Japan where the students learn the same traditional lessons to become the elite team they are today. "It's my second home and I'd do anything to protect them, as they would me," said Timothy expressing gratitude for his karate family. Timothy also wanted to add that if anyone wants to be a better person, to give karate a chance, because “it helps you greatly.” I have no doubt this young man will grow to do great things, all because of the tools and bonds he's gained from this martial art. 
Karate has many forms dating back centuries, but all teach the same objectives needed in life: teamwork, respect, discipline, self-defense, and control. It's not all glamorous as the movies portray. You could get hurt in the learning process but as Timothy put it, it's worth it because it teaches you to be stronger. 
Timothy has chosen karate as a lifestyle. He will continue to learn, add more belts to his resume, and take karate with him throughout his life. This kid is karate! He also loves to play football and video games. He listens to music and raises chickens, his 8th grade graduation gift!  Best of luck to Timothy and the rest of the Family Karate school.  
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