Willow Springs Police Department

August 31
Kenneth Lavere Frame, Elk Creek, speeding 11-15 over
September 1
A’Sha’Na Ida Pilar Wells, Joplin, speeding 6-10 over
Dominic A Bowman, Wichita, Kan., speeding 6-10 over
Shane Lynn Wages, Willow Springs, driving while intoxicated
September 2
Tinai Nicole Mitchell, Kansas City, speeding 16-19 over
Michael D Treat, Salem, Ark., speeding 6-10 over
Matthew Brayden Williams, Gamliel, Ark., speeding 11-15 over
Ramya Shanelle Franklin, Florissant, speeding 16-19 over
Dustin Blake White, Jonesboro, Ark., speeding 11-15 over
Weyland E Brooks, Voldosta, Ga., failure to register vehicle
Danna Boyd, Memphis, Tenn., no seatbelt
Lynn Marie Foley, Willow Springs, failure to register vehicle
Maggie Louis Graves, Dora, speeding 11-15 over
Thomas Andrew Hurst, Ward, Ark., speeding 11-15 over
Garner K Mitchell, Benton, Ark., speeding 11-15 over
September 3
Chardonnay Ariaune Jones, Kansas City, Kan., speeding 11-15 over
Adrienne Ronitta Fowler, Montgomery, Ala., speeding 11-15 over
Chris R Rogers, Bridgeport, Ala., speeding 11-15 over
Robert Allman Adams, Willow Springs, speeding 11-15 over
James Paul Clayton, Willow Springs, speeding 6-10 over
Marisa A Stoffel, Willow Springs, speeding 6-10 over
Sydney Alexandra Hollis, Thayer, speeding 11-15 over
Lourdes Aleida Marroquin Soto Defigue, Loudon, Tenn., speeding 11-15 over
Austin William Grooters, Thazton, Va., driving while revoked or suspended
September 4
Alex M Stroud, Olathe, Kan., speeding 6-10 over
Travis Kendrick Lane, Owensboro, Ken., speeding 11-15 over
Jordan Ross Sweat, Brownsville, Tenn., speeding 11-15 over
Datyn A Deasley, Hope, R.I., speeding 11-15 over
David Carl Eslinger, Mountain View, possession of drug paraphernalia
Calls for Service
August 31
Officer David Struble received a request to check the wellbeing of an individual parked in front of a business. He found the individual taking a rest break during a long drive.
Sgt. Joby Hoopes spoke with an individual regarding an ongoing issue with a barking dog.
September 1
Officers responded to North Grand St for a non-injury accident.
Officers responded to Booster Field for a theft report. The incident is being investigated.
Officer Wade Bloomer responded to Willow Springs Apartments for a medical call of CPR in progress. He took over CPR until EMS could arrive. 
Sgt. Hoopes responded to Tremble Drive for an issue with a juvenile.
Officer Bloomer took a report of barking dogs.
Officer Cary Gates received a call regarding a juvenile causing a disturbance and interrupting the high school tennis matches. He asked the juvenile to leave. 
September 2
Officer Joe Barnhouse responded to Camcorp for a commercial alarm. He found all doors secure.
Officer Barnhouse assisted a motorist with a flat tire.
September 3
Officer Bloomer assisted EMS with lifting assistance for a patient.
Officer Bloomer received a call of a possible burglary. Officers noticed a suspicious individual leaving the area but could not locate them.
Officer Ryan McGinnis spoke with the manager of Fixtures for Less regarding a theft of items.  
September 4
Officer Barnhouse responded to Mercy Clinic for a commercial alarm. He found all doors secure.
Officer Barnhouse responded to E. Main St. regarding a disturbance. Officers deescalated the situation and resolved the issue. 
Officer Struble spoke to an individual regarding vandalism their vehicle and house.
Officer Barnhouse responded to the area of East Sixth and North Grand Streets for a report of a tree limb blocking the street and possibly on a power line. He assisted with traffic control until city crews cleared the roadway.
September 5
Officers responded to Family Dollar in reference to a shoplifting call. The matter is under investigation.
Officers spoke to a parent regarding a juvenile refusing to return home. Division of Family Services and the Juvenile Office are investigating the matter.
Sgt. Hoopes responded to Willow Springs Apartments for an issue with a juvenile.
Sgt. Hoopes took a report of a shoplifter from Family Dollar. 
September 6
Officer Jake Cronin responded to a medical call of an unresponsive individual. He stayed with the patient until EMS arrived.
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