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MO Beef? No problems

The Willow Springs R-IV School District hopes to encourage local cattle ranchers to take advantage of a program called MO Beef Kids. This is the second school year the district has used this program to connect their students with fresh, locally raised and processed beef. 
Food Services Director Regina Roberts describes the programs as a win-win-win for farmers, the district, and the kids. Kids get to eat higher quality beef. The school can stretch their food budget a little further. Farmers who donate the beef get a tax write-off.
"So far this year, the school has not had to buy any beef," Roberts told Howell County News. The school would ordinarily pay $3.99 per pound for their beef from a distributor, and they usually serve 1,800 pounds of beef per month. 
Jenny Poor was on hand Friday morning to convey the Missouri Cattlewomen's Association's endorsement of MO Beef Kids. Several school board members were in attendance to show support as well.
"The school board is strongly in support of this program," said member Matt Hobson, "but the credit needs to go to Adam Webb for spearheading it and to these ladies [Roberts and Poor] for all their hard work."
For more information about MO Beef Kids or to donate beef to the school, contact Regina Roberts at 417-469-2114.
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