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Mobile imaging service up and running

Dan Taylor, RT (R) (ARRT) of Midwest Mobile Imaging, a mobile radiology service, has battled bureaucracy and won.

''This is really the story of perseverance for a small business,'' said Ozarks Small Business Incubator (OzSBI) Executive Director Heather Fisher. ''He embodies what the Bright Flight is all about. He grew up here, went ahead got the education and experience and came back to start a business here. This is what we want young people to come back and work in this community. We are thrilled to have him come back. None of us knew the challenges and obstacles he would face.''

After finishing high school, Taylor went to Arizona State University for a pre-med/pre-dental program, completing his biology degree.

Taylor said he started out working in phlebotomy but did not see a lot of room for opportunity or advancement, so he looked for other opportunities in the medical field. He settled on x-ray, returned to school and became an x-ray technologist.

''In school, I was used to working in hospitals. I was not aware of mobile units until I graduated,'' said Taylor.

He went to work for a mobile unit and thought about how big cities have this type of service but what about small cities and communities like his hometown. He started putting a plan in motion two years ago.

''Finally, about a year and half ago, I made the move and made the commitment,'' said Taylor.

About six months after the business applied for Medicare approval, a letter came from Medicare essentially stating they were broke and would not be able to come out and do the survey required for a 4-tier business like Taylor's.

''There is a lot of Medicare and Medicaid but not a lot of private insurance here,'' stated Taylor.

One option he had was to seek a priority exception.

''It was all on me to prove that West Plains and Howell County needed a service like this,'' said Taylor. ''We sent them all kinds of information. We got letters from NHC, Westview and Brookhaven, Tony Aid (OzSBI CEO), U.S. Representative Jason Smith and Michael Hoff (Community First Banking Co.).''

He received help from OzSBI and Heather Peugh at Congressman Smith's office.

''Within two weeks, they denied us the priority exception,'' Taylor continued. ''We ramped it up even more. Through networking, taking to the right people and perseverance, we were able to bust through the wall.''

Medicare eventually approved doing to the survey.

''They finally scheduled the survey two weeks ago. We got through it and made everyone happy,'' said Taylor. ''One person trying to get this done shouldn't find it this hard. All the red tape and work was a little inundating. There was a time I was done with it. If it hadn't been for Heather at OzSBI and Heather at Congressman Smith's office, I would have packed up and gone back to Arizona.''

''When you dealing with federal bureaucracy, that is the stuff you have to do,'' acknowledged Congressman Smith. ''This business you have is needed. I think it is going to save Medicare and Medicaid money and create more jobs here.''

''The cost containment of my company coming to a patient rather than transporting a patient to the hospital and back and all the costs involved in getting the patient ready to transport, including the trauma to them, is very beneficial,'' agreed Taylor.

''Success is the sum total of the small efforts,'' said Fisher.

''Dan's a wonderful example of the kind of tenant we would like to see here at OzSBI,'' said Aid. ''The successes are coming more and more often and they are coming with businesses that are going to create jobs.''

Taylor will now work to expand his clientele.

''All those dollars are leaving here now and we need that bounce in trade to shift in our direction,'' said Fisher, who hopes see more local nursing homes and health facilities support Taylor's business and keep those dollars in the local economy rather than sending them to Springfield or elsewhere.

Midwest Mobile Imaging, 408 Washington Ave Suite 107, West Plains, uses the latest digital technology and newest equipment for immediate access to imaging with fast all-digital uploads, high quality images and fast result reporting.

''Because we are local, we can respond faster to facilities and with the digital radiography are able to get the results back quickly,'' said Taylor. ''The digital imaging also minimizes the trauma to the patient. They are moved less and there is less radiation. It saves both time and money as well.''

Services include all digital imaging, 4D ultrasound, two-hour turn-around time for routine exams, employee TB exams at a discounted rate, on-demand services and board certified radiologists.

Midwest Mobile Imaging is fully licensed/accredited and accepts all major insurances including Medicare, Medicaid, all commercial insurances, discounts for cash patients and discounts for VA, Part A and managed care patients.

Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and on call otherwise. For more information, please call (888) 426-9210 or visit online at